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5. Feb, 2019

January blues, came and gone, having stated my new job recently it certainly did not feel like January other then more and more people stating they are on special diets and can only eat certain foods only. Vegan foods where promoted on public transport posters, and so our flexibilaty in our food production has the norm. As my wife does not eat meat I am rather used to not eating meat so often and with the abundance of seasonal vegetables there is plenty of choice. sprouts kale wild mushrooms nuts and some wild rice, gently fried in Bennet and Dunn Horseradish oil I can tell you that meat has not been missed....

The 3rd of February there was the annual Shropshire Potato Show in Harper Adams once again, organised by Gerrol Jalvin , my dear potato friend, who asked me to do a food stand and do something with I collected spuds from him on the Saturday Morning, 3 colours and a massive bag of kale as he had those growing to,.....washed the spuds and blanched those washed the kale and tubbed. Saturday night yet again a busy night at the New Inn so came home late, to load up for the next morning. I was given a stall next to my dear friend Martin Moyden who was setting up his Stall with mall my favourite cheeses, he brought also Herb Fretta cheese which we launched together with Bennet and Dunn at the Ludlow food show in 2018. so now I had all I needed to start my demo of 4 hours....three coloured potatoes sliced, chopped fine kale, a few cherry toms, sliced button mushrooms and Fretta cheese, all cooked in a frying pan with horseradish oil, salt and pepper..... serving in taster pots and the queue started to grow.....special requests...without tomato plz...skip the kale, no pepper please...can I have purples only...can I have mine without cheese....any meat in them?....etc. I was loving it as I could comply with all the requests and people were fascinated to see their taster being prepared in front of them while others were watching and then could say...that one is mine...

Martin was sending people to me and I was sending people to him, Gerrol's son Sean was selling the 3 coloured potatoes between me and Martin. Our little corner was well attended by the public and Gerrol was pleased with the turnout and very happy with our contribution to his event. Working with people for people....

13. Jan, 2019

hello all, no matter what, onwards and upwards. I am very happy to be part in this review, although 'only sunday lunch' appreciation like this is worth every effort from the early start to the late finish of the day. Cool

8. Jan, 2019

It is January 2019, working as a Chef and working with wonderfull Artisan food producers I feel I must bring this to your attention. Fairly recent a lot of credit was given to the great and good of Chefs who are making this County so special well thank you for that.....never the less with great times behind us 4 weeks of top dollar for most catering businesses, easily forgotten are the loyal artisan growers and producers of the continuous food supplies behind all of this, the pillars of our food industry, who are still waiting for overdue payments from 2018 November and December, without saying to much, these loyal suppliers of fine produce also need to live and should not be treated like interest free credit facilities as banks once were before 2008, looks more the case of these artisan producers who keep Shropshire afloat are the new banks. I have been told by certain producers that catering establishments are 4-6 weeks overdue payments when already have a 4 weeks credit....without these guys, 'the great and good of Chefs' will have nothing to play with, needless to say what will happen next, happyness will be short lived......why 4 weeks Credit and let alone take advantage and stretch it even more. It will soon happen that these producers who keep Shropshire rolling will stop credit and will only deliver on pro-forma or cash payments only. I can only support that and hope that others do too. The only way to keep Shropshire special is to keep Shropshire supply businesses breathing healthy.

30. Dec, 2018

It has been a while, left one job or rather been moved out...working as a free lance Chef here and there and finally settled down in the fantastic New Inn in Baschurch, it also gives me more time so I can continue my quest of sourcing/developing fine local produce, continue my natural oil flavouring with Bennet and Dunn rapeseed oil, and working with my loyal producers friends who supported me during my down time. 2018 was my first Christmas off work for 34 years and spend it with my wife and my children. Never the less I spend it in my kitchen to play. I put in the picture of the Flambe Pud, I hope yours was at least as good as mine.

I like to use this opportunity to thank all my followers friends and foodie friends, Chefs and fine Artisan producers, raise a glass to a great end of 2018 and take 2019 full on with pride, passion and joy in life, good luck, be good and be professional. Cheers to 2019 X

9. Sep, 2018

so when you do a Ludlow Food Festival from start to finish and not only had a fab 3 day weekend.... made new friends, caught up with old ones, done some great food and being appreciated by settle down after unloading at base, thinking about what to do next year already and how to make it even sit down have a salad from all the stuff you have been doing all weekend it is defo the best way to end this years show. Fabulous working with Bennet and Dunn oils, Martin Moyden's hand made Cheese Richard and Mandy from Lane Cottage Produce bringing me every day fresh hand picked salad leaves... Gerrol Jalving's Purple Potatoes....meeting my friend Robert Swift every day, Julia Poppete Viani, the many good people from Wots Cooking, The big guy Karl Martin, Peter Thiemans from Wenlock Edge, Sam and Chris from Middle Farm Cottages, Claire and Sam from Great Berwick Organic, Rob Cunningham from Maynards after at least 13 yrs, Michael France and the WEM gang...Will from Willow Game back to be in charge there and many others who I can only say that Shropshire should be well proud of all these fabulous passionate producers, growers and people. Respect for all these wonderful people who make me certainly proud to be acquainted with. Thank you for being there, we made it all happen.