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18. Sep, 2019

For those who went, most probably seen these flavour pots, for those who did not go.....well there is always next year. It was a fantastic marathon of 3 days food and more food. Fabulous working with Martin Moyden and Rupert and Tracy from Bennet&Dunn. It was the second year running that we worked together at Ludlow Food Fest and it was like a well oiled engine. Oiled....Bennet&Dunn even launched a few new natural flavoured infusions, elderflower, horseradish and lavender, proud to be part of this. It was an honour to represent the new Inn in Baschurch, Great Berwick, Shropshiresalumi, Wenlock edge, Lane Cottage produce and Special Spuds. It was also good to meet up with Kate and Glyn from Wots Cooking, who had organised a fantastic line-up for their stages all weekend and my dear friends Karl Martin and Robert Swift who as always made time to talk, unlike some....the latter one put aside, the Festival was a great success, the 25th anniversary showing the finest local artisan produce and fantastic new produce were launched...exciting times ahead. It was noticeable that special diets, vegan foods, celiac and other allergens were in the up this year something to think about......



10. Sep, 2019

Final touches and all is go go go...... 3 days Ludlow Food Fest. I look forward to meet up with friends, producers and fellow Chefs. A marathon of Flavour Pots, working with some of Shropshire’s finest artisan food producers. See you there.🙂

2. Sep, 2019

We are getting closer, 3 days bliss at the Castle grounds...fantastic foods, fantastic new innovations, produce second to none, the best artisan producers meet. Food demo's and drinks galore. I am looking forward to Join Mr Moydens Hand Made Cheese,  Bennet & Dunn organic rapeseed oil using their fabulous products and other artisan produce of the Festival to make Shropshire finest Flavour pots again. 

14. Jul, 2019

great day  at the Newport Show, Martin and Beth Moyden, Rupert Bennet, Gerrol and Alice Jalving  and children was great to work once again as a team, great responses from the public, best ever show for you sofar I believe. A massive thank you to Richard and Mandy from Lane Cottage produce for their fantastic flavoursome salad leaves, I could not have done the 'Flavour Pots' without it. Unfortunately I can not commit myself to do the Cosford and Flower show this year with you guys, but I will be ready for you on a re-run at the Ludlow Food Festival if I may. Gonna be bigger and better, I have a few ideas lined up for the stand....X

1. Jul, 2019

Just a short post....Bennet and Dunn organic rapeseed oil, Mr Moydens 'Fretta' Cheese, Gerrol Jalving fine specially grown Erika potatoes, Lane Cottage salad leaves and Flavours of Shropshire are working together again at the Newport Show on the 13th of July....creating salad pots with fantastic new natural oil flavours together with Fretta cheese, fresh handpicked leaves, new potatoes.... all of us to working together again..The New Inn Baschurch on the road.....see you there