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2. Aug, 2020

So now we are in August, I know lots of catering  establishments meant to be going all full on , prepping all weekend and then some kind of government 'person' announced yesterday that kids need to stop going to pubs and go to school soon. so shut the pubs, I am not to sure at all what kinda horse sh..t trade-off this is. Who in the right frame of mind comes up with this. It feels like there is an unknown to the public agenda running to cage us all, a little at the time so we get used to it. So wrong....

I do feel sorry for all the new hospitality students, who were looking forward to a career they dreamt of for years, just melting away in front of them. It will have a serious impact in our industry for years to come. I hope there will be more constructive guidelines coming out soon. we all need structure in our life and looking forward to what will be happening tomorrow...

Meanwhile, my new addiction of sour dough breads is more fulfilling then any 1 minute of BBC news.  Using great organic flours from Pimhill Farm and Shipton mill, I do look forward making my daily fresh loaves. Healthy indeed and the fresh baked bread smell every day is mouth watering, even better then the smell of freshly ground coffee. 

I promise next blog will bea little less politcs...🙂

24. Jun, 2020

So this lockdown....I have seen so many people all over the world making sourdough bread in this period so far, It is amazing how people come together, I am always on the lookout for new things and challenges. food is an endless journey of knowledge and learning. I have been  speaking to people in Canada, Australia, Bahrain, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Holland to name a few countries working together on new recipes, methods. Exchanging knowledge of the how the who the when and the what, a privilege for sure. From hobby bakers like myself to professionals all having the same ideology to make the best ever ...everyday...

Having  been experimenting with starters (mother) using different flour and blended flour, and came to the conclusion, to make the best you got to use the best. Speaking to a baker friend in London, I got in touch with Shipton mill flour company, their website is fantastic, but you need to know what you are looking for as there is so much choice. Well impressed with their service, flour(s) been delivered within 24hours although their website stated it could be a few days as there is a 'pandemic' on the go.

I will be starting to use the flour this week and see what will be the new results/outcome of my sourdoughs. Exciting times. I am eager to implement the new breads/techniques when the lock down is all over.

Happy baking, and I hope this will carry on regardless this lockdown ar another one if it happens again, people are changing for the better in my eyes, more home cooking and baking.  

See you all again soon 🙂

15. Jun, 2020

Will the Catering Industry ever be the same.... I have been in catering for a little while now, and all the great times, the fab achievements, building consistencies, working together for the same goal, supporting local producers and their foods, making people proud of Shropshire and everywhere else, all been taken away by decisions made higher up, claiming a pandemic is the cause. We still don’t know what Covid-19 is other then it has been around for 60 years, Bill Gates has it all under control and we just wait till given the green light, then one has to pick up the pieces and try and make ends meet, I have a feeling that it might be short lived as a second wave probably will follow soon. That to think that our industry has been around for thousands of years and survived wars, deceases, plagues who where definitely worse then this epidemic....To be the first industry to be shut down to keep people away from each other. Human species need to interact/socialise... the government is discussing now to relax the 2 meter rule what can become acceptable 1 meter. But we are still closed

Cooking every day is my life, my passion and my pride, my Journey has taken me all over  Europe and Great Britain, from Festivals to food shows, finest Hotels to incredible eateries using the finest fresh produce, working with and for the great and good and meeting some finest people too.

The last few months gave me time to reflect on our life’s and I am sure we all have and did a lot of home cooking as everyone else, trying to make fine breads using old techniques and have my family around as my tasters, a never ending learning curb and I love it, so it does has it’s positives.

Further, doctors all over the world are saying that there are no obvious symptoms, and no testing is no use as they do not know what they are testing for. The whole lock down should stop immediately and all should go back to Pre-pandemic times and carry on as B4. I agree we should. Negative ‘News’ creates anxiety and uncertainty something we have had enough of lately, life goes on and we all have a purpose and need to have our structured life back.

I hope that 2020 does not end as it began, looking forward to the good times that lay ahead and make it count. Fingers crossed it will be soon...

Thank you😎


3. Jun, 2020

Well as previously mentioned, a lot of time for practicing and learning/creating new recipes, Sour dough starter is something one has to understand and learn to work with and control. each kitchen environment is different whether it is at home or industrial, they are all different and have an effect on the behaviour of the starter. once you got it going it becomes a never ending daily surprise to see it 'eating' when it has been fed and then there is the end result....every time the baking is done, you cut it in half and look for the sour dough holes and see how nice it has been air rated.....and then you start baking every day till you found your own recipe suiting everything, I am very humble to now have found that and my starter is working nicely, feeding it is a daily routine when having your own breakfast, making dough and overnight proving, all becomes the norm and knowing you have fresh bread every day whether it is a Boule or a French stick. If you want any advice on sour dough starter or methods of making or cooking, there are a good few on you tube etc but I put you in the right direction. 

Happy Baking🙂

2. May, 2020

Evening, well it is in these troubled times one does a lot going through recipes and exercise making loads of stuff at home. I do love making bread and have done from a very young age, there are certain breads I can do blind folded others a little more challenging. then there are the new varieties never tried by me before which are easy one you go through the motions. Each country has their own styles and methods. But there is one which I never had the chance or even the patience to master it. The ever loved Baguette or French stick as we say here. Recipes ....I have loads....that is/was not the problem, but I finally managed to track down a French baker from near Paris, Jacques is his name. Funny in a way but speaking to him that in times like this, covid 19, people in general are more helpful and reluctant to help, explain, appreciate and happy to pas on information they never would do before, being persistent and persuasive as I am  he agreed. obvs this is for me only he Anyhow after 3 tries the last few days I finally 'cracked his code'....Very happy with the final result seen in the picture. 

I thought I'd share this with you guys as there is always a way if you are determent to progress in ones quest...🙂