10. Jun, 2016

Shropshire fresh food Tour 2016

Following our Manchester vegetable Market and Fish Market experience with Neil France a few weeks ago, today Ali Rowley and I continued our "Shropshire Fresh Produce Tour 2016".
Starting at 8am at Wenlock Edge Farm Shop in the Ape Dale near Much Wenlock, in the middle of sunny Shropshire. 
Peter and Alison and the gang have developed a great set-up; catering for hundreds of farm-shops, pubs and restaurants. They didn't stop there....every weekend they are at farmers markets and not to forget the brilliant Shop at 31 Smithfield Road in Shrewsbury, running this for over a year already.
All hands on this morning and we felt privileged to witness and work along side Peter today, first up all the orders needed to be cut, weighed and packed ready for delivery, tbh I felt in my element as all run like a smooth well tuned engine. 
Delivery vans gone we trimmed further meats for lamb, pork and beef burgers, followed by some 45kg of Shropshire Hunters Salami, from start to finish......
It was a great experience to see how it's done, seeing smoking, curing and storing was a valuable lesson.
Everyone involved clearly cares about the product and are very sure about what they are and what they do. 
Today was a privilege to join the team for the day, it was a great incite how one of our excellent supplier supports us as chefs and what we do.It's great to know where our food comes from