10. Jun, 2016

Manchester Vegetable and Fish Market

Manchester Market between 2am and 6 am......great night with Neil France who is my loyal and expert vegetable supplier, anytime I mention to him,"It is time to join you on a night trip" he has a big smile on his face, knowing full well I will have worked all day till 10ish PM, then meet him at his business at 1am to make the night trip to the vegetable market and fish market in Manchester. I invited my Sous Chef Alex Rowley to come along to do some serious rummaging in the vast vegetable market, followed a heavenly time in the new fish Market. What we see on the market is just what every Chef needs once in a while  to see what actually is out there, it would be good practice, I generally plan new dishes seeing fresh ingredients, talking to the stall holders and check availabilities, make deals be re assured. It is a circus and busy market, Neil france is all over the place, he knows/remembers all the orders from his customers placed that previous night and he carfully selects all the right produce with quality second to none, there is certainly no, it  will do in his work ethos. he does not buy pallets of stuf, no he will go trough every box. He always tells me it is all about doing the right thing and buy the best for his customers. Every market stall holder knows Neil and it is good to hear from them only the bst will do for Neil. I just love all of that, fresh from the market everyday. going through to the fish hall....as soon you open the door, the heavenly smell of fresh fish wakens you at 6am. Lobsters, Prawns Crabs, fresh salmon, mussels, Gurnards, native red mullets etc. I had to think about dinner for home as my wife and I love fish, 7Kg of mussels and 2 red mullets in a bag dinner was sorted. By the way I did not eat all 7kg of mussels, half went to Alex....A quick coffee at the caff and back to Neils Unit in Wem. 

Thanks Neil, do it soon again