21. Jun, 2016

Shrewsbury Market Hall

I needed some ingredients for my supper tonight, so went for a change to the Market Hall....I am not one of going to town for a shop usually, my partner does that much better. I am glad I went, going in and I was overwhelmed with all the mix mash of stalls, from carpets to plants, B'day cakes to noodles, tools to flowers....what a mix...I wanted some fresh fish for supper and there was Ian Barkworth's Fish Stall, a young lady was dicing some left over fish which gave me time to choose some fish,....sea-bass, wild salmon, farmed salmon, stone bass, john dory, scallops, shelled fresh prawns and the list goes on, I settled for salmon x3 fillets, and some shelled fresh prawns.....across the path there were numerous vegetable stalls, so going for the classic, leeks, fennel and fresh ginger, a little chilli pepper and red onion, and a big fresh head of fine broccoli, remembered had some rice and saffron at home so that was all I needed. Honestly this is the best way of shopping, no fuss, all is there, no aisles of stuff you never need to buy, no penny of petrol, just go in, buy some fresh food for the day, go home, take your time to cook a nice dinner, finish yr plate and no waste what so ever, even the cat got some salmon skin...lol.

So for those who have never been to the Shrewsbury Market Hall, pay a visit and be surprised as much as I was.