12. Aug, 2016

Gerrol's potato secret passion

Meeting fellow Dutchman Gerrol Jalving on the Newport Potato Fair over half a year ago, were we talked potatoes....he not just grows special potatoes, he cultivates them to get the best ever kind and has produced a few varieties with his name on it, he approaches this with passion and pride and farm’s the best beautiful tasty potatoes, as agreed with Gerrol, I will test and work with these to get the best potatoes for my menu's and open it up to the wider catering community to create more awareness of what is produced here in Shropshire.On the Potato Fair there were hundreds seedlings varieties, to see over twenty kinds today was something else. Discussing with Gerrol in scientific detail about each verity made me respect these tubers with all their characteristics and the hard work what is needed to get the best crop out of the seedlings with the help of the all so important weather. I can't wait to ue these 'barely known' potatoes to add to my long list of fine local produce to create exceptional fine foods.Thank you Gerrol for having me and be able to work with you on your quest in the future.