2. Oct, 2016

Dan Gibbons and I meeting Gerrol and Alison Jalving


As mentioned a few days ago, I was going to take Dan Gibbons on from Shrewsbury College (Origin Restaurant) to meet Gerrol Jalving and his array of potato beauties near Great Bolas, my idea was to create interest for the college students (future Chefs) to become familiar  with the different varieties of potatoes, containing multiple Vitamins with their health benefits, to learn and broaden their knowledge that there is more to potatoes then they might think and take this knowledge to their future employments and hopefully introduce those potatoes, so they become a well deserved great vegetable in our food industry, and not just seen as a random plate filler.....

Meeting Gerrol and his wife Alison it became clear that the whole potato affair is an everyday occupation never mind their full time jobs, potato passion extreme. Their never ending  experimenting  and cultivating new varieties, the sheer bliss being among them and makes you feel to give them back as much as they put in for the love of the perfect potato,.....the proof is the potato in the picture, a new kind which will be available for us the play with next year, until then we all four will set a date in November to work/experiment on all the different varieties together for their purpose and best use in the catering trade.

Next week Neil France will be joining me to meet the Jalving's to pave the way for supply and demand for Shropshires finest restaurants.