20. Oct, 2016

its all about spuds

and so the potato story continuous, I am going to take the first few bags of marbled purples from Gerrol Jalving to Origin's restaurant tomorrow as Dan Gibbons who is going to incorporate those in the next few weeks in Origin's Restaurant menu's, now it are two of us using Gerrol's beauties for the right reason, in November Gerrol, Alison, Dan and I will have a whole day at Shrewsbury Catering College and use one of the skill's kitchens to experiment with all his 15 varieties to make a selective decision which one is good for what and why, looking at tastes, flavours, colours etc, yes we are talking potatoes, locally grown Shropshire spuds.

The beauty of all this is, that Gerrol will have more understanding what we in the catering trade are looking for in a spud, how we use it in our never ending menu and recipe planning and designing etc, he will then cultivate those spuds to perfection from our specifications, and just grow those for us next season, how about that. 

Just shows you there is more to a potato, and to get the perfect one you just have to go the extra mile and work with people who know all about it .....and the challenge is to make it work for all and respect our ever so favourite "SPUD"