16. Nov, 2016

the Longhorn Cows


 What a wonderful morning it was at Great Berwick Organics Farm, 9am meeting Claire and Sam at their Farm, having a nice cuppa and talk about their herd, their life as farmers, their change over 12 odd years ago from a dairy herd to their today's true breed of Longhorns, the normality about being organic, growing organic Quinoa, having in place a well structured set-up for their internet sales, with a list of merely private clients, who prefer the best quality only. For me it was a long overdue visit, walking with Sam through the fields surrounding their farm, this idyllic spot and the calmness from the Longhorns threw me for six. I have seen and walked through fields before with any breed of cows, but never felt so at ease with these ladies even with their calves. Leaving the fields, we went to his small but well set-up butchery, 2 walk-in fridges, 1st one was an beef aging fridge, the quarters were just fantastic to see, the beautiful smell of the aging meat, just like aging a good wine, about 5 weeks as standard aging time, unless people ask for even longer. Second fridge was the meat ready to be shipped fridge. As said an amazing set-up. I have a feeling this visit wasn’t my last visit to Berwick and I certainly look forward to work with Sam and Claire for the absolute right reason, sourcing local food is still the best.