28. Nov, 2016

Best Steak of the World Menu Launch

So the next few days I will be here....at the World's End Market, cooking with Jose Gordon from the El Capricho Restaurant  and Chef proprietor Sergey Men​ to launch of the best Steaks  in the World Menu and taking Shropshire to London. Sergey Men is a passionate chef, who like me and Jose only believe in using the best produce the land has to offer to make the best experience for any one guest and leave with that thought of an unforgettable meal. It has and always will be my philosophy from farm to fork is the best route to that adventure, and also to honour the pride and passion producers show in their end-product to enable us to stay on our road of our quest. Meeting Sergey last week in the Albright Hussey Manor hotel for the first time in 3 years (after endless emails) I am feel humble to be asked to join and participate the Launch, it will be an experience one should not let slip. This also will help me to set up our new concept for my menu's next year. The following day I took Sergey and his partner Nika on a very last minute tour through Shropshire, to visit Martin Moyden and the Great Berwick Organic Farm, these 2 visits were definitely a good start to get more of Shropshire represented in my first visit taking also some splendid rape seed oil from Bennet and Dunn. I will do somewhat blogging in the next few days to keep you posted ;-)