1. Dec, 2016

Best Steak of the World Menu Launch 2

Following my last blog, going down to London on Monday last, to learn about beef....having lived in London for years and worked there in fine places in the late 80's and 90's I felt going home from home and there is summit good laying ahead. Not taking one of my mini's down this time I took the train, not bad 3.5 hours, then the well loved Tube to Fullham Broadway, walked to my daughters flat and had a cuppa or 2. ready for bed. Tuesday morning, I walked to the World's End Distillery on Fullham Road on this first frosty crispy morning, with me knives and kit thinking about the past when I done many journeys on foot like that, London is and always will be a town you either love and be part of it or avoid it like a plague, mine is obvs the first bit...lol... 

Arriving at the restaurant nice and early for this special day felt good and nervous at the same time, lol like going for a job interview, when Sergey, Jose and Victor (Jose's chef from Spain)we started to set up for the all so important launch of Sergey’s new Steak menu idea using the 'best beef in the world'. Prepping the menu for 30 journalists and food writers for the launch was an precision mis en place with the watchful eyes of Jose, between us we tasted and tasted everything over and over again to make all 100% by the time it was 6 pm all prep was ready for Beef Carpacio, Cured , Tartare, Flank, Ox cutlet, Beef Cutlet and apple sorbet for after. As the crowd arrived Victor called the shots on the kitchen side while liaising with Jose, and all the starters where done to order as the people sat, the hot courses the same....no pressure lol... I was overwhelmed simplicity to serve exquisite ingredients to order for such an important crowd to make it work for the World's End. This all  started at 7.45 till 10pm, the service was second to none, great team work all round. Great atmosphere, great company just a great buzz all together. 

I have tasted beef a few times in my 43 years of catering, some good some better, and some of the best....but this meat...whether cold starter, or cured, marinated or hot...the flavours, smells, the textures, the zing..... simply the best ever beef and ox I have ever have had to sample and eat.

All these good things are stored in my database between my ears, and hope to be able to acquire Jose's meat in the near future to put on our menu's in the Albright Hussey Manor, amongst other great beef from Berwick Organic and other excellent beef from local cattle still to be found here in Shropshire. As my quest never ends, this won't be long to for fill.