15. Jan, 2017

Cooking 20 varieties of Gerrol's local spuds

Following my previous blog, Dan Gibbons meeting Gerrol and Alison Jalving, we all tried to set a date to put the spud into a pot and see what variety is best to use for what purpose......boiling, roasting, braising, mashing etc etc....November became December 2016,....now it is January and with all the Christmas Blue's out of the way the date has been set and that is this Wednesday 18th, I am looking so forward to this and am sure so is Dan, Gerrol and Alison. We will be spudding away in one of Shrewsbury College's kitchens from early morning till late afternoon to make whatever we can out of Gerrol's new ones and classic's. With the result of which is best for what and what colour/flavour is best ....white, yellow, red, blue and or purple. Of course it is not just the colour we are after but also the nutritional values of those varieties, food for thought for Gerrol to perfect his cultivation processes for the Ultimate Spud of it's kind. For Dan and I this will be a mind blowing day of cooking of spuds and understanding the healthy value of spuds from there on we can create more awareness to students, and future customers for the Origin's Restaurant and the Albright Hussey Manor and in time local interest will grow, just like spuds do....

This 'cook of' is perfect timing as a few weeks later the next Shropshire Potato Day, please read the following link, a ‘must do’ journey for an incredible eye opener, a visit you will not regret.