10. Apr, 2017

Photo Shoot in one week

As I stated in the previous blog, we had a photo Shoot on Monday last week,.....with all these special days you can organise all, luckily for us this all went well. The  producers involved arrived at 1.30ish to have a cuppa on the terrace in the glorious weather. Tim Green was our Photographer for the next 4ish days, using the Albright Hussey as his base to venture the next few days all over Shropshire to make pictures from all the Book entrees. Our food producers, were first ones to be photographed as individuals and then a few group shots, all good, then it was my turn, getting all their produce amalgamated into various dishes. Firstly I created a dish for each producer separate using their produce and the others for their dish. After that I made some designs for our menu using all their produce onto a few recipe's. My Chefs, Liam and Digger were on the ball in the kitchen while I was 'feeding' Tim with one plate after the other, just unreal. not only did my chefs made dishes for the pictures but also smaller portions for the producer guest to sample.....needless to say this was greatly received. This was the first day of pictures...I engaged Tim to do some more shots on Wednesday morning....Bennet&Dunn oils, Thursday Morning...Berwick Organics Farm, Thursday afternoon...Gerrol Jalving, special Spuds....all in all by the time it was Friday, the weekend business was staring in my face to be dealt with....The Albright Hussey entry for the Shropshire Cookbook will be a great Chapter of 12 pages. Thank you Martin Moyden, Gerrol Jalving, Rupert and Tracey Dunn, Adrian Patterson, Richard and Mandy Sidgwick,Tim Green...... and Team Hussey.