14. Apr, 2017

MEP for easter weekend

Easter already, mis en place for Easter Sunday, it is one of every years big days, that said we have 3 weddings in the weekend to,....that is one side of the business, the other side is the fine dining restaurant, so all homemade foods galore, Sea-bass and Smoking Salmon for Sunday was on the list today. Over the years I find it a very satisfying job to salt cure and air dry then hot smoke salmon, important is the freshness of the Salmon and origin....Loch Duart Salmon is still the better choice for this. Traditional smoking methods and the diversity of the dry curing or wet curing (brine) of meats and fish was such an unchartered world for me, but everyday something new develops to be incorporated into new choises on my menu's. Believe me there are also many failures, but without those one can never master the true beauty of a perfect outcome. 

Happy Easter to all, and especially those who are the forgotten ones in hot sweaty kitchens.