25. Aug, 2017

Getting ready for Ludlow

After nearly 17 years working in Shropshire, making a difference with growers, producers farmers and other Artisan believers, to create a better foodie world in this amazing area of the UK, I have been asked by Katie and Glyn from Wots Cooking to do a cooking slot on Saturday morning the 9th, representing Albrigh Hussey Manor Hotel. Further it will be a perfect place to launch a new product produced together with one of the finest oil producers of Shropshire. This is another feather in my cap to work and participate with the great and good, I will bring my loyal Ellie Osborne with me and will make it a great start of a day. Looking forward to meet, Katie, Glyn and Claire to start, and would love to meet up with Karl Martin, Robert, Marcus, Dan,Suree and many others to name just a few. Ludlow Food Festival....bring it on