5. Sep, 2017

Bennet and Dunn Natural Oak Smoked Rapeseed Oil

So one of my passions is working with people for people, this time I am so pleased to have the opportunity to been enrolled making Natural flavoured rapeseed oil for Tracy and Rupert from Bennet and Dunn, they have been supplying me with their rapeseed oil for over 14 month now and have many uses for their amazing virgin oil, as always, talking to producers I maintain my strong belief in provenance  and keeping food products clean...I just don’t like additives and flavour drops....but developing produce without losing its 'shine' for me is the science bit of being a Chef. About 3 month ago when smoking salmon and pancetta, beef and other products, I tried smoking their oil. Being never happy with the first results I tried different ways and wood shavings. In the end Oak shavings won hands down, it changes the rapeseed nutty flavour in a milder, nearly clarified butter taste but not losing the rapeseed oil character. A tester was then given to Tracy and Rupert to get their feedback....after a taster offer at Cosford Food Festival it was well liked and ready to start production, this Natural Oak smoked oil will now be launched at the Ludlow Food Festival...needless to say I feel rather proud....but I aint stopping there, more Natural Flavours will be introduced soon.