10. Sep, 2017

Cooking at Ludlow Food Festival with Ellie and Robert

Saturday 9th September 7.30 am, starting to load up Huy'e with crates of pots and utensils food boxes etc, a quick coffee with my assistant Ellie and receptionist Terry and of we went to Ludlow Castle for our Demo at 11 am. It took us just under 1 hour and arrived nice and early, before anyone else and were able to drive the clubby estate nearly into the kitchen of the Demo tent, the smell of the battles on the castle grounds were in the air. a strong coffee to begin with at a coffee stall next door and we started to set up for our battle. As time went on slowly people from Wots Cooking started to appear, we got our kit on and people started to gather and took their places. A little team talk and start the clock......a little drizzle came down and the arena filled up, they all stayed even when the sun was out again. Ellie made a smashing Royal Hussey Blue Potato (from Gerrol Jalving) and I prepared a whole rabbit and pigeon with lentils, butternut puree, burnt apple compote....all just fab, lots of questions from the audience which was rather different from other demo's obvs loads a foodies, we plated up in time with all done everyone happy and a great venue,great crowd and great result...a fabulous finish to a massive summer season. But that was not the end........I was on my walks through the masses of people to say goodbye to Kath and Glyn who were in another Demo tent inside the Castle grounds and there I met Robert Swift, a dear fellow artisan producer, speaking to him briefly, I asked him what he was going to do, he mentioned 2 dough’s, so I,...as you do...offered my services to him if he wished so, he could not say no so this was a totally unplanned addition to his demo but great to get the opportunity, the crowd was overwhelming I got introduced and after a lot of applause we went on with the near enough impossible task to make 2 dough’s within a certain time, making loads a jokes while doing so and had a lot of fun and making breads....we are both always raising to a challenge and as gladiators we succeeded. Crowd happy and we were happy. A grand finale of my first Ludlow Food Festival, doing one food demo and taking part in a second one. I look forward to next year if they will have us again 🙂