16. Feb, 2018


hello all, it has been a while, and we are already 0ver 6 weeks in 2018, so I have not been sleeping btw....from the 1st of January....massive forward  step with Bennet and Dunn developing new natural flavoured rapeseed oils, one new one will be launched shortly and planning to go international....went to Holland and got involved with a Catering College, have recruited 2 students for their work experience for 16 weeks in March planning  to involve Shrewsbury Catering College and setting up student exchange program. It does not end there folks, Setting up dates for cooking Demo's with Katy of Wots Cooking for this season. Engaging with my trusted artisan Suppliers and producers to do shift work with them to help, to learn and to produce...and recently ,with help from another producer, got together with Samantha Gray of Middle Farm Cottages, proudly received today a second whole British Lop pig from her. There is pork,....and there is Sam's Pork.....her pork even outsold the  Beef last Sunday Lunch. It is all in the breading and rearing of this the love and attention, let a pig be a pig, enjoy its life till it is finally ready for me to take over and carry on the same care Sam has put in, first butchering into primal cuts and then butchering further into smaller joints, and absolutely nothing will be wasted, from the tip of the nose to its tail, amazing what you can do with a whole pig....we make use of all on our A la carte and Sunday Roasts, a beginning of a new 'relationship' has started. 

It is going to be a fantastic year....🙂