4. Mar, 2018

British Lop in the Shrewsbury's Market Hall

Having received another whole pig from Sam, Middle Farm Cottages, I am getting into loving pork even more, the colour, texture, smell and taste are simply divine, compliments of her pork are great and all a happy ship, from farm to fork ones again proven to be the best way. People have asked me where they can buy the meat, other then buying from Sam direct on the farm or parcel service, I now have managed to get John from Corbet’s Butchers in the Shrewsbury Market Hall to buy a pig from Sam now and then, something Sam always wanted to sell her British Lop pigs at a local market. So if you are stopping by, ask him when the pork comes in, he is more then happy to be at service....Working with people for people. Not to go over board here, but to have a great flavour of the crackling is one thing, instead of using any oil to rub the skin before salting it, try Bennet & Dunn Natural Smoked Rapeseed Oil, it will give the crackling a slightly smoky flavour 🙂