16. Mar, 2018

more British Lop

What a great week so far, Labels for Bennet and Dunn's special oils nearly done, great afternoon at Berwick Organic seeing lots on newborn Longhorn Calves, meeting up with Martin and Sam from Buttercross Farm Foods.....and to round it all of, Sam gray dropped of another British Lop pig for us, yes we have one every month and, every month  it brings a smile to my face being a Butcher for the morning again, so far I have used the British Lop from Sam for roast's and braising, great success every time and people just love the taste of proper pork cooked well. Today I have changed the norm and have cut the loins into chops and cutlets, Belly cured with salt, raw sugar and pepper and a few other things to make my kinda Panchetta....in a few weeks....and one of the legs curing for at least 18 days to make a traditional cooked ham, I feel well blessed to be able to do these traditional ways of beautiful methods to bring the best out of fantastic local produce of rare breeds. Hopefully in time I can make a difference by changing people’s habits to buy locally produced foods and cook proper foods but foremost have fun doing it....all about planning and take some time out making things. I can do it, so can you....🙂