9. Sep, 2018

Ludlow Food Festival Day 3

so when you do a Ludlow Food Festival from start to finish and not only had a fab 3 day weekend.... made new friends, caught up with old ones, done some great food and being appreciated by all.....you settle down after unloading at base, thinking about what to do next year already and how to make it even better....you sit down have a salad from all the stuff you have been doing all weekend it is defo the best way to end this years show. Fabulous working with Bennet and Dunn oils, Martin Moyden's hand made Cheese Richard and Mandy from Lane Cottage Produce bringing me every day fresh hand picked salad leaves... Gerrol Jalving's Purple Potatoes....meeting my friend Robert Swift every day, Julia Poppete Viani, the many good people from Wots Cooking, The big guy Karl Martin, Peter Thiemans from Wenlock Edge, Sam and Chris from Middle Farm Cottages, Claire and Sam from Great Berwick Organic, Rob Cunningham from Maynards after at least 13 yrs, Michael France and the WEM gang...Will from Willow Game back to be in charge there and many others who I can only say that Shropshire should be well proud of all these fabulous passionate producers, growers and people. Respect for all these wonderful people who make me certainly proud to be acquainted with. Thank you for being there, we made it all happen.