18. Nov, 2019

Shrewsbury Chocolate Festival 2019

What a fantastic Festival, yet again, Julia Poppette Viani organised the Shrewsbury Chocolate Festival for 2019, if you haven't been please get ready for the next one November 2020. We all think it is just a bit of chocolate but as Judith Lewis, Julia's MC for the weekend and International Chocolate Awards Judge, people overall only know 20% about cacao, there is so much more to learn and understand. It is good for your health, very nutritious, a powerful source of antioxidants, improved blood flow, reduced heart disease, improves brain functions to name a few. Anyhow it is no way a fix for all and everyone but definitely information I never knew before. I met great chocolatiers and  their passion of making fine chocolates from the finest cacao is mind blowing. I met up with Charlotte Flower from http://www.charlotteflowerchocolates.com/ unbelievable professional, using herbs from her wild garden, foraging wild flowers, berries, mushrooms etc to infuse, flavour in her chocolate and ganashes.  Almost similar in my involvement making natural flavoured organic rapeseed oils for Bennet&Dunn, but then into chocolate.

The Festival was over two day's in St Mary's Church in Shrewsbury, amazing chocolatiers, fantastic stalls, great chocolate talks and demo's, perfect venue and place to get your early Christmas presents.  

Thanks again Julia and Judith for having me and hears to all the people who made it a fantastic event, you all made Shrewsbury proud.