10. Feb, 2020

Perrys Field to Fork Cookery School

Now, after the new years rush and January holidays, back to blog. 2020 must definitely be a better year then last 2019....first of, I am working with Chris Conde in the New Inn Baschurch for over 1 year now and happy to say it is going well , further working with Bennet and Dunn Organic Rapeseed oil making natural flavoured oils is a great opportunity to help another business grow. Last year I was approached by Debbie Hill from Perrys in Eccleshaw to join the teachers team on her Perrys Field to Fork Cookery School. I feel honoured to be able to teach a variety of courses in groups of 6 to 8 people who are looking for more confidence in their home cooking and learn a few tricks on the way. It is almost like being in your kitchen and show your staff a few demo's dishes from a new menu. I look forward to it as this is another step up to encourage more people to understand and become more passionate to use local produce at its best.