26. Apr, 2020

Corona time 2020

It has been a while from the last time I was on here, at the same time it is very difficult for me to stay in one place. So home cooking and supporting local producers where I can, guiding them to make use of internet selling, working together for the right reason, staying sharp and diverse from the usual. I strongly believe it will make all smaller producers stronger and their businesses will be better and busier when this is all over. Although social distancing is active somehow it brings everyone closer together. t also gives me time to reflect and to do things I used to make and see If I am still able to recreate. the picture shows you a plaited bread loaf made this morning for Sunday lunch outside in the garden where I have spend a lot of time the last 5 weeks.

It would be nice to know when we will get the green light when we can go back to work again, the longer they hold it back the more difficult it could be to get the hospitality back on its feet and how will it look like. But I am hopeful.

Further I am developing a new flavoured rapeseed oil for Bennet and Dunn and hopefully launching that one in October 2020.

I am not to sure as yet what will happen with all the Food Festivals this year, but probably more looking towards next year.

Going forward, I will post more dishes  and other updates soon. 

Untill then, stay safe and look after each other X