2. May, 2020

practising and new recipes

Evening, well it is in these troubled times one does a lot going through recipes and exercise making loads of stuff at home. I do love making bread and have done from a very young age, there are certain breads I can do blind folded others a little more challenging. then there are the new varieties never tried by me before which are easy one you go through the motions. Each country has their own styles and methods. But there is one which I never had the chance or even the patience to master it. The ever loved Baguette or French stick as we say here. Recipes ....I have loads....that is/was not the problem, but I finally managed to track down a French baker from near Paris, Jacques is his name. Funny in a way but speaking to him that in times like this, covid 19, people in general are more helpful and reluctant to help, explain, appreciate and happy to pas on information they never would do before, being persistent and persuasive as I am  he agreed. obvs this is for me only he said...lol. Anyhow after 3 tries the last few days I finally 'cracked his code'....Very happy with the final result seen in the picture. 

I thought I'd share this with you guys as there is always a way if you are determent to progress in ones quest...🙂