3. Jun, 2020

Sour Dough Bread

Well as previously mentioned, a lot of time for practicing and learning/creating new recipes, Sour dough starter is something one has to understand and learn to work with and control. each kitchen environment is different whether it is at home or industrial, they are all different and have an effect on the behaviour of the starter. once you got it going it becomes a never ending daily surprise to see it 'eating' when it has been fed and then there is the end result....every time the baking is done, you cut it in half and look for the sour dough holes and see how nice it has been air rated.....and then you start baking every day till you found your own recipe suiting everything, I am very humble to now have found that and my starter is working nicely, feeding it is a daily routine when having your own breakfast, making dough and overnight proving, all becomes the norm and knowing you have fresh bread every day whether it is a Boule or a French stick. If you want any advice on sour dough starter or methods of making or cooking, there are a good few on you tube etc but I put you in the right direction. 

Happy Baking🙂