24. Jun, 2020

Shipton mill Organic flour

So this lockdown....I have seen so many people all over the world making sourdough bread in this period so far, It is amazing how people come together, I am always on the lookout for new things and challenges. food is an endless journey of knowledge and learning. I have been  speaking to people in Canada, Australia, Bahrain, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Holland to name a few countries working together on new recipes, methods. Exchanging knowledge of the how the who the when and the what, a privilege for sure. From hobby bakers like myself to professionals all having the same ideology to make the best ever ...everyday...

Having  been experimenting with starters (mother) using different flour and blended flour, and came to the conclusion, to make the best you got to use the best. Speaking to a baker friend in London, I got in touch with Shipton mill flour company, their website is fantastic, but you need to know what you are looking for as there is so much choice. Well impressed with their service, flour(s) been delivered within 24hours although their website stated it could be a few days as there is a 'pandemic' on the go.

I will be starting to use the flour this week and see what will be the new results/outcome of my sourdoughs. Exciting times. I am eager to implement the new breads/techniques when the lock down is all over.

Happy baking, and I hope this will carry on regardless this lockdown ar another one if it happens again, people are changing for the better in my eyes, more home cooking and baking.  

See you all again soon 🙂