3. Nov, 2020

Looking for Shropshire Truffles

If one thinks about truffles...they were used in kitchens and restaurants as a norm and everyday on the order list on different sections back in my London Savoy days. Knowing full well they were expensive but part of fine cuisine, presentation, flavours and giving any dish the waw factor. This is still the case in smaller restaurants, where passionate Chefs who give their life and love to every single dish, with incredible techniques where real foodies sampling their artistic flair and perfection. Sourcing local ingredients and working with growers and helping artisan producers has been in my life for as long as I can remember make the best out of the best. 20 years ago I arrived in Shropshire on my journey as a Chef. Back then only a handful of local producers were known but plenty of choice of growers. Now in every corner or hamlet of Shropshire there are passionate growers and producers working along side each other to make the finest artisan produce Britain can be proud of. I am working closely together with Rupert and Tracy from Bennet&Dunn organic rapeseed oil, develloping and making natural flavoured rapeseed oils using locally sourced ingredients. We discussed many times truffles, but only if they were local ones. Many moons later I happened to come across Mike Collison, from Shropshiretruffles, on instagram and contacted him immediately, set a date and today was just a fabulous experience. Mike and his 'truffle' dog Oscar took us, Rupert, Tracy and myself into the orchard and as simple as it sounds, Oscar was set to work and told to find truffles, of he went and we just followed him, he certainly had a good nose for truffles and within seconds the first truffles were dug out. Can you believe it, Shropshire truffles....for Mike and Oscar walking through the orchard , digging and picking up truffles is a daily routine, for us three just to experience this was an un-forgetful jaw dropping event to say the least, real Shropshire truffles. Needless to say this won’t be my last visit. Another chapter has begun.