20. Feb, 2021

Letter to Mr Sunak, Mr Johnson and Mr Kawczynski.

Dear Sirs


I have been working in hospitality industry for a long time, I am certainly not as wealthy as Gordon Ramsay who is starting new TV show and drives a Ferrari or 6, although we have same passionate goals and pride, looking after our heritage and helping our local economies is what I/we do.

Our industry, the third biggest in this country, has suffered long enough the last 11 month, the high risk groups of people have now been vaccinated which means you have to lift the lockdown as you promised in December 2020 and let our businesses and all the private sector run their course again. Hospitality is not about running a TV show btw....I am sorry to hear and see, but people just die….people have been dying before Covid while others carry on.

Catering colleges are looking for new students but it looks very bleak with all these lockdowns as the younger generation don't see a future in this sector. It is hard enough to keep our businesses shine in 'normal' circumstances but need to be supported with new protégées to keep our heritage at speed and passing on skills and knowledge for their future and your tax revenue.

All is not lost yet, but if this locking down continues for whatever reason you and your currently running government will personally be responsible for shutting down our industry in the UK forever. Gordon Ramsey TV show will not be putting bread on our tables.

To summon this up, lift the lockdown and stop future lockdowns, open up businesses on the 1st of April and be an example that you care as much as we do.

 I just wonder....who else is writing this weekend.....