27. Mar, 2021

Black&Blue Sourdough

Lockdown can sometimes brings the best out of people. It gives you time to think and invent new products, although in a way you cannot re invent the wheel. But “innovation and a lust for the best flavour in anything which ultimately helps us maintain and endeavour to be at the top of our game!” Wise words from Martin Moyden, Mr Moydens Handmade Cheese. Recently, well the last 11 month or so I have had a little time on hand and been working on Sourdough breads and recipes, it gave me pleasure to work out the chemistry behind all the ways and means of just flour and water. The oldest way of making bread through fermentation. I am blessed to having the first step on the ladder. Being a Chef by heart, you never stop learning and trying new things. Knowing Martin Moyden almost from when he started making his fine international award winning Shropshire Cheeses, collaboration is always an avenue we both enjoy taking. In a split moment of time I thought about blue cheese bread, Using Martin's Wrekin Blue cheese, but I realised it had been done before. I always use natural ingredients in any of my food challenges, never been Mr MSK and certainly never will be, but making breads with Acia seeds, Matcha leaves, Beetroot, Pea flower powder etc gave me an Idea to make 'Black&Blue' Bread.

I feel blessed to be able to bring new products to live, regardless of lockdown and all that jazz, raise above it and just carry on.