17. May, 2021

Sourdough next phase

Sourdough bread, it has rather become an obsession for me, all the research and trials for the right reason, making breads the way they should be made. Talking to people all over the world, it has become clear to me that I am not alone in this...lol. There are so many loaf recipes’ out there, but eventually you create your own to suit you and your set up. For me it all started one year ago, when time was on hand and I wanted to master sourdough breads. There were some moments that results were very depressing,  never stop till you have worked it out why……after a lot of practice your get over those hurdles and one develop the love and understanding how it all fits together. There is always that exciting moment when one cuts a loaf in half and the inside presents you with a beautiful picture.

Making bread using the right flour is of upmost importance. Just recently I came across a company called Wildfarmed. And their flour is by right one of the best flour I have ever used in the UK. Ecological produced using traditional farming methods using the right wheat’s making it very healthy for body and soul. I feel you must look into this company


Order their flour direct from them as they do not have national list of stockist.

Until next time🙂