22. Sep, 2021

Where there is wheat there is flour

I have been busy making sourdough breads from first lockdown started in 2020, at the beginning there were some good results, but if one remembers at the start of lockdown there were flour shortages, amongst other things. I started buying flour in bulk from June 2020 to have enough to 'play' with, gone were the 2kg bags in came the 16-25kg bags it stopped restricting me from developing and fine tuning the art of my sourdough. Over time I became aware not to stay with the one producer of excellent flour but sourcing growers and millers. Unbelievable what is out there incredible good millers who and fantastic producers of heritage varieties, those where Britain was build on. It is taken for granted going into a shop and buy sliced white or brown, oh yes and there are the big supermarkets offering freshly baked frozen breads, full of sugars, preservatives funny fats, even E's and certain citric acid all to keep those breads another day fresh and half goes in the bin at the end of the week. But they all forgot about taste, nutrients, health, ecological impact on the environment, food miles etc

I leave it at this for the moment