23. Sep, 2021

Where there is flour there will be bread

It all starts with flour and water and a little salt, using a decent flour you start a 'mother' or starter dougd or even sourdough starter. It will take 6-8 days to make this by feeding and discarding surplus dough. And once achieved the perfect balance, give you starter a name. It becomes part of your daily life. Once you start making sourdough bread and get the grips with it, you will never buy sliced bread again, you make bread when you need to, no waist, no chucking in the bin, you make toast of the stale bread if need be, you strike a balance between supply and demand, not only that, in the long run making your own sourdough bread will be cheaper to produce then buying a sliced loaf anywhere. In time you start to experiment by adding herbs, nuts,dried fruits or olives perhaps,the world is your oyster. next phase is to make french sticks, foccacia's chiabatta's etc whatever you fancy.