27. Sep, 2021

where there is bread there is life

When making bread, patience and love is required, not just recipe and  set of scales,as discussed before everything should be considered, quality flour, purified water and natural salt. one starts at the beginning with making a levain for the bread to be made. A levain is the starter dough for the bread in hand and usually is part of the recipe. When making a levain it takes usual 5-7 hours to get to peak. Mix the flour and water from the recipe 1 hour before the levain peaks. Follow the recipe and add Levain to the flour and water dough, then add salt and go through the stretch and fold procedure for 3 hours and the retarding time. Bake in a Dutch oven and presto another fine bit of bread came to life, ready to eat with a fine homemade topping with family and friends.  Every loaf has a story of its own and brings people together, the smell and taste does this for you.🙂