14. Feb, 2022

Feb 2022 sourdough baking has gone to another level

Yes 2022 has been a good start for bread making, November and December 2021 were the usual busy month at work, then new years resolution and moving forward is the word.

In January I was hosting my second bread course at Perrys in Eccleshall, teaching people bread making is so fantastic and rewarded me with pride and joy, one asks will it ever get better then that....in the mean time my sourdough bread production has risen towards a micro bakery level. There is still so much to learn and develop in this world of flour salt and water but I am happy to show my bakes without any hesitation.

I learned, over the years being a Chef, that the most important thing is sourcing only quality produce and ingredients to make the best dishes, representing the true value of fine foods honouring the producers for their sublime produce and your staff for their skills. Making bread is very much the same, sourcing of flour is vital to achieve a great quality end product, no point having the best recipes if the flour you acquire is of second best, I learned from other bakers over time that a few key principals, the source of quality grains, the porper aging of th grains before the miller does his bit, the clean water free from metals and chlorine and natural sea salt. Have those three wright and you can make the best ever bread every day.

So my message with this blog is, It pays to have all things in order, distilled water, finest locally produced organic flour and Himalayan sea salt. 

enjoy your bake x